• Gastronomy in Les Baux-de-Provence

    In the undulating streets of the town are some top restaurants that are an embodiment of lifestyle in Provence. Vegetables and herbs freshly picked in organic vegetable gardens, local produce, olive oils and wines from the Baux Valley are given that sublime finishing touch thanks to the knowledge and expertise of leading chefs who have been awarded good food guide stars.

  • "soirées vigneronnes" - all about wine at Oustau de Baumanière restaurant
    Fridays 29 March, 26 April and 24 May

    Share magic moments with wine and gastronomy lovers during the "Soirées vigneronnes", evenings with a special focus on wines.

  • Oenology Classes at Oustau de Baumanière restaurant
    Saturday 30 March, Sunday 28 April, Saturday 25 May and Saturday 22 June, 9.30 am to 12.00 pm

    Meet the wine growers on a special evening at Oustau de Baumanière restaurant. The exceptional wine-paired menu will be served on this occasion.

  • Cooking lessons at Oustau de Baumanière
    Saturdays 13 April, 11 May and 15 June, from 9.00 am to noon, followed by lunch

    The chef of Oustau de Baumanière reveals his tasty and original recipes during cooking classes offered throughout the year.

  • Cooking lessons at Cabro d’Or
    Sundays 14 April, 12 May and 16 June, followed by lunchSundays 18 Novembrer and 9 December, followed by lunch

    Make delicious recipes with the advice of Cabro d'Or chef Michel Hulin. The opportunity for all lovers of fine cuisine to learn the skills of a great chef.

  • Italian evenings at Bistrot de l'Aupiho
    1st Thursday of the month

    The best of the italian gastronomy in an amazing provençal location! An unique evening not to be missed!