Carrières des Lumières – Groups

Discover the work of the greatest artists projected in a magical setting.

Benefit from an attractive rate for groups over 20 people. Reservation required.
Carrières des Lumières – Groups

From Vermeer to Van Gogh, the Dutch Masters

Long programme

This digital creation presents the genius of the painters of the North through a real immersion in authentic painting, as close as possible to nature and its subjects.

The visitor walks through the reality of everyday life, in the footsteps of the great masters who approached the ordinary in an extraordinary way.

Painting light and its atmosphere is the main theme of the exhibition. Direct or subdued, cold or sunny, light reveals the façades and the intimacy of homes.

Vermeer chooses his setting and stages a world in suspense. His paintings are like synopses that open the way to an almost Hitchcockian mystery, where the viewer is part of the production.

The king of chiaroscuro, Rembrandt then invites introspection. Night settles in the heart of the cathedrals, immersing the visitor in a spiritual atmosphere surrounded by biblical subjects. An outstanding portraitist with a powerful realism, it is his Night Round that closes the portraiture in apotheosis.

Van Gogh finally takes us to the sun and night of the South. His lively and emotional brushwork sculpts the material and in turn sublimates the landscapes, self-portraits and still lifes.

Artistic creation: Virginie Martin
Video production and animation: Cutback
Production : Culturespaces Digital

Duration: 35 min.

From 24 Februar 2023

Mondrian, the architect of colour

Programme court

This exhibition presents Mondrian’s iconic works, made of primary-coloured grids, which have long inspired artists of all kinds and influenced pop culture.

Mondrian created an aesthetic and timeless grammar for graphics, fashion, design, architecture and music that opened the way to abstraction.

In a game of horizontals and verticals from the figurative to the abstract, this immersive exhibition offers to follow the artistic evolution of the painter, who frees himself from traditional painting to immerse himself in a visionary painting: Neo-plasticism.

Artistic creation: Virginie Martin
Video production and animation: Cutback
Production : Culturespaces Digital

Duration: 10 min.

Duration of the complete program: 45 minutes.

From 24 Februar 2023

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