• Open Day at the Animal Shelter
    Every 1st Sunday of the month, 2.00 pm to 5.30 pm, "Refuge Saint-Roch"

    Open house day for animals’ lovers at the shelter. Cute cats and dogs look forward to meeting their new family.

  • Clay modelling Workshop, make a provençal Figurine
    20 and 21 October  ♦ 1 November

    Make your own Provençal clay figurine for the Christmas crib. Follow the advice of the professional maker and you can mould figures or animals then take them home with you.

  • Clay modelling family workshop, make a provençal Christmas crib
    22, 24 and 31 October 10.30 am to 12.30 pm ♦ 2 November 2.30 to 4.30 pm, Galerie Post Tenebras Lux

    With family and friends, make your own "scène en santon," a full Nativity scene made of clay figurines that you will bring back home.

  • Bird watching
    24 and 31 October, 10.00 am

    At 10.00 am, go for a walk in the Alpilles. With your guide, you will discover various bird species and admire their beauty through the binoculars. 

  • Fat ball Workshop
    24 and 31 October, 2.00 pm

    Create fat balls to help birds meet their energy needs during the winter. 

  • Santonnier market
    26 to 28 October, 10.00 am to 6.00 pm, Galerie Manville and Galerie Post Tenebras Lux

    Discover different types of "santons". A "santon" is a small, handmade clay figurine, traditional in Provence. Meet their creators, local artists called "santonniers".

  • Star gazing – Special Star Wars
    29 October at 7.00 pm, Château des Baux

    Let the Force guide you to the stars and beyond… Learn everything you always wanted to know about Astronomy.

  • The Autumnal: Music
    29 October to 3 November, Château des Baux

    A 1000 years of history, and a thousand years of music. Listen once again to the sweet music of Les Baux.