Pat de Wilde in Baux-de-Provence

2 August to 9 September

Man is a mirror for Man! The individual cannot think of himself if he does not have a distinct model by which to define himself. It is by reflecting oneself in the eyes of the other that each person can become aware of oneself and construct an identity.

In this way, Pat de Wilde has worked as if in reflection with the people photographed. So much so that it is difficult to say, in this simultaneity, who saw and who was seen, who made the other exist.

Betting that the individual reveals himself more intensely in the half-light than in broad daylight, Pat de Wilde has each time installed the subject in the same shadowy space, under the same indirect lighting, in front of the same black background, materialization of the mysterious night from which we emerge and to which we return after having taken shape. Not one but an infinite number of forms.

An innumerable quantity of fleeting appearances that vary according to the metamorphosis of the identical.

Temporary expressions of the same reality from which the photographer retains a vision. A vision that Pat de Wilde wants to be scrupulous, applied, synthetic. And above all artistic.

The Mursi, Padaung, Kogi, Konyak, Papuan, Akha, Sans, Himbas, etc. women and men that Pat de Wilde met during his solitary journeys are the last representatives of a particular way of life. Driven into hostile environments, despised by the majority, neglected by the government, they are, in the short term, doomed to assimilation and disappearance.

Through his work, Pat de Wilde wanted to express their importance, their beauty, their dignity. He wanted to celebrate them and prolong them. Because, wherever they are, and especially when their way of life becomes rarer and more fragile, each being is a miracle, which requires attention, care, admiration and respect.

After studying at the Ecole Supérieure d’Arts Graphiques in Paris, Pat de Wilde could have become a painter, draughtsman or sculptor.

His predispositions were destined for this. For a long time he was involved in painting and still is. But curious about others, he chose the solitude of the artist over that of the traveller.

One day, after having exercised the responsibilities of art director, editor-in-chief, columnist… he traded his pencils and brushes for a camera and set off to discover the world. At that time it was possible to travel freely from one country to another, even to remote places that are now forbidden.

These were the places that mainly interested Pat de Wilde. Wherever there are women and men who still live on the fringes of globalisation and population concentrations.

This has resulted in numerous publications, exhibitions and books. The presentation of her work at the Hôtel de la Tour de Brau in Les Baux-de-Provence coincides with the release of her 50th book, a monograph published by Art Absolument that retraces her career.


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