Antonius Driessens: Materials in perspective

18 July to 13 August

Antonius Driessens’ murals are made from recycled wood. The choice of boards that had already been used for construction work quickly became apparent to the artist, as he saw the possibility of redirecting these abandoned materials towards their primary function: building. A form of very profane redemption…

Using this raw material with its contrasting physical characteristics, Antonius Driessens creates geometric wall pieces that give the illusion of volume. The perspectives are arbitrarily accentuated, the viewpoints and vanishing points unexpected. The superficial simplicity of the process masks a profound reflection on illusion, on the relativity of the perception of space and time, on recycling and diversion, on the opposition between living and inorganic matter…

As with wood, Antonius Driessens uses denim after obtaining a patina resulting from its use or from industrial washing processes. However, as with wood, it is a vegetable and renewable source. The notion of recycling, reuse and redemption of materials is therefore central to the work of Antonius Driessens.

Antonius Driessens, who has received several awards, is represented by a gallery in Amsterdam and Leuven, which exhibit his work at international contemporary art fairs.


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