Szczesny aux Baux-de-Provence

1 June to 15 October

Stefan Szczesny belongs to the most important international artists. A painter first and foremost, Szczesny nonetheless enjoys working in all kinds of different media. He has gained a reputation as one of the most versatile artists worldwide, producing masterpieces on canvas as well as virtuoso sculptures, ceramics. ​

Born in Munich in 1951, he came to wide public attention in the early 80s as a protagonist of the “Neue Wilde” (“Nouveaux Fauves”), a group of young figurative painters. He is well known for his opulent and sensual style, which breathes radiant new life into the traditional subject matters of figurative art.

The exhibited flat steel sculptures occupy an important place in Szczesny’s work. Aptly referred to as “shadow sculptures” and “bicoloured sculptures” they are either black or colourful and resemble oversized silhouettes standing in front of the blue sky and themselves providing impressive shade.

As a relatively recent addition to Szczesny’s world (the first shadow sculpture was created in 2005), the shadows are an integral part of Szczesny’s visual work. It is also Szczesny’s typical imagery – sensual nudes and bountiful nature – that comes to life in these sculptures and proclaims Szczesny’s message of the “joie de vivre”.

Szczesny has lived and worked in numerous places around the world and his work was shown in many exhibitions, most recently at the Citadelle in Saint-Tropez and at the Palais des Papes in Avignon in 2014.


Since 2001, his permanent home has been Saint-Tropez.

Exhibition in different places in the village.

Free entrance