The Alpilles regional country park

The Alpilles regional country park is the latest of the regional parks. Within its area lie 16 towns including Les Baux-de-Provence between Camargue and Luberon, a town which puts its Provencal identity clearly in the spotlight.

Praised by poet Frédéric Mistral, the area covered by the most Mediterranean of all the parks in mainland France stretches from south of the River Durance to the outskirts of Arles and from Tarascon to Sénas.

It is proud, rugged country in which the white limestone rocks stand out against the brilliant blue of the sky and vineyards and olive groves take advantage of the best-oriented hillsides.


It is a living area of exceptional beauty. Home to author Alphonse Daudet, distances are short here and there is always a delightful destination for a walk, a cycle ride or even a trek on horseback.


The Park has been successful in focusing on the relations between Man and his environment, whether the term is taken in the sense of nature or heritage, or refers to economic and social environment.

Despite the current popularity of the Alpilles and the influx of tourists, history buffs and nature lovers, this part of "Provence" has not changed its everyday way of life and it has retained the strong values that give it its identity.


With its varied environments, flora and fauna and rare species, the Park is certainly of scientific interest. However, nature in the Alpilles is much more than that. Fashioned by its people over hundreds of years, it boasts an inherited culture that gives the mountain range much of its uniqueness.

Outstanding natural beauty

A mosaic of natural environments awaits - grassland, scrub, forests, cliffs, marshes and fields of crops. Flora and fauna is plentiful and varied with 960 varieties of plants, 90 species of birds, 19 species of bats and several hundred species of insects. There are also the species that are symbolic of the region e.g. Bonelli's eagles, Egyptian vultures, tiger moths and common bent-wing bats etc.


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