Advice and recommendations for walkers

The forest and hillside are a source of life. They are a precious asset for everybody so let's take care of them! Sometimes, footpaths cross private properties. In this case, please show respect for the owner's generosity.

Throughout the year, the Alpilles area is subject to a very high fire risk because of its hot, dry climate and specific vegetation (pinewoods, scrub etc.). This makes it extremely sensitive to fire. For your safety, a decision taken by the Prefect regulates access to particularly sensitive areas during the summer season when the fire risk is very high. The aim of the decision is to protect the environment and public safety and to lay down conditions for entry into specific areas, depending on the period of the year and the daily weather forecasts, including the level of fire dange.


Every day, you can know the conditions of access of the sites where you wish to go for your walk. The information on the voice server is available in French and English.


ORANGE: Acces permitted all day long

RED: Acces permitted all day long

BLACK: Acces forbidden


The forecast of the level of risk for each of the great mountain ranges covers the entire regulated period.

Tel +33 (0)8 11 20 13 13


The information for each day is updated by 6 pm at the latest on the previous evening.


Access conditions on this link.